There is no doubt that sport is a powerful driver for individual and community development.  However, there are often significant financial barriers in its pursuit.  Success in sport requires sacrifice and financial investment, not only by individual athletes and their families, but also by the organizations and communities who foster its growth:  

High Performance Sport is Expensive
The financial costs of quality coaching, training, equipment, and competitive opportunities increase as athletes move through the development pathway from local to provincial to national level competition.  For some athletes, a lack of funding can significantly impact their potential. Investment is needed for athletes and coaches to elevate their development and ultimately, ensure more BC Games and Team BC alumni achieve their vision of representing Canada on national teams. 

Sport Requires Costly Equipment and Facilities
Providing sport opportunities relies on access to facilities and equipment in communities across the province.  Community sport organizations require specialized equipment and funding for capital projects to ensure that promising athletes can train and compete in appropriate environments that both inspire and meet national and international standards.  

Supportive Communities are Vital for Sport
Through hosting the BC Games, communities see firsthand the benefits of a positive celebration of sport and the day-to-day impact this can make.  Many generous partners come together to make each Games possible – but the needs don’t end when the Games do.  By investing in community initiatives that celebrate and promote sport and build community capacity, we can extend the longevity and maximize the impact of the Games.

Maxwell Stalling, Lacrosse
2016 BC Summer Games 
W.R. Bennett Award for Athletic Excellence Recipient

“This bursary award has given me so many different possibilities that I was not able to do before, like visit different universities and help pay for my sports. Thank you for believing in me and I am so grateful for what you have done for not just me but for my family.”