What's Expected of Games Participants

The goal of the BC Games is to provide developing athletes, coaches, and officials with a competitive multi-sport Games experience. To keep everything running smoothly, some basic rules have been established. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about taking part in the BC Games:

  • Condition of Entry
    As a condition of entry into, or volunteering at, the BC Games, it must be understood that the participants and volunteers enter entirely at their own risk. Click here to review the Games waiver.
  • No Ticket, No Games
    All participants will be accredited upon arrival at the Games and will receive an accreditation badge. For more details refer to the Guide to the Games.
  • Late Doesn’t Rate
    Curfew in Games accommodation is 11:00 pm for all participants, including adults. No one is allowed to leave Games accommodation after curfew and anyone who misses curfew will be subject to disciplinary action which could include expulsion from the Games.
  • We’re Tobacco Free
    Tobacco is not permitted in Games accommodation, on Games transportation, or at any Games venue (including competition venues (indoor and outdoor venues), the cafeteria, and all other Games events/venues). Use of tobacco products is also not permitted at the entry to any Games venue.
  • Zero Tolerance
    Any participant under 19 years of age found under the influence, or in possession, of alcohol will be subject to disciplinary action. Any participant found under the influence or in possession of an illegal drug will also be subject to disciplinary action. Violations could result in expulsion from the Games.
    The BC Games Society has a no tolerance policy regarding bullying or other forms of harassment. Any such actions will be subject to disciplinary action. 
  • Damage Control
    Anyone who damages Games venues will be held responsible. This may include payment of associated costs and/or disciplinary action. Please be sure to leave your Games venue and accommodation tidy and in good repair.
  • Common Courtesy
    You are one of many outstanding athletes, coaches, and officials who will be involved in competition at the BC Games. It is important that you show all Games participants the same respect you want in return.
    Look around - future Canada Games, provincial, and national team athletes are competing right alongside you.
  • Role of Coaches and Supervisors  
    Head coaches, assistant coaches, and adult supervisors are expected to travel on Games transportation with their athletes, must stay in Games accommodation with their team, and are expected to supervise their team throughout the Games. Head coaches, assistant coaches and adult supervisors are responsible for the actions of their athletes.
  • Valuables
    The BC Games Society and the Host Society are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. We recommend you leave your valuables at home and utilize the secure storage areas at sport venues or accommodation sites for sport equipment.
  • BC Games Conduct
    All athletes, coaches, and officials at the BC Games are expected to conduct themselves, at all times, in the spirit of fair play and in a responsible manner. This conduct is expected from the time they board BC Games transportation (or arrive at the Participant Accreditation Centre by their own transportation) until they return home. It is expected that all participants will fulfill their responsibilities. Individuals, teams, or entire sports that fail to do so, will be subject to appropriate discipline. Remember that you are a representative of your sport; what you do can impact your sport’s inclusion in future BC Games.  Review the BC Games Code of Conduct.
  • BC Games Culture of the Games
    The basic principles of the Culture of the Games are founded in the BC Games Code of Conduct. Click here to view the Code of Conduct. Click here for more information about the Culture of the Games.
    • Has the right to participate in an environment that is supportive, positive, respectful, accessible, and that contributes to exceptional experiences.
    • Has the responsibility to contribute in a positive way to the experiences of everyone involved in the Games.


  • Check your own actions and words
  • Speak up for yourself and others
  • If you see something tell someone

Culture of the Games Course

Prior to attending the Games, participants are required to complete a Culture of the Games module. The online module will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will cover the key principles of the Culture of the Games and the BC Games Code of Conduct. Participants will take the module through the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE (information about accessing the site will be mailed to participants about 3 weeks prior to the Games).

Expectations of Coaches

Head coaches, assistant coaches, and adult supervisors are expected to travel to and from the Games, reside in BC Games accommodation, and act in a supervisory capacity with the athletes on thier zone team.

Eligibility information for head coaches, assistant coaches, adult supervisors can be found here.